ExcludeIncludedTypes v3.4 & nullable long list error

Jan 14, 2011 at 11:08 AM

Hi All,

I have two xsd files a common.xsd and an Author.xsd the Author.xsd includes the common.xsd. I want the code generated from the two xsd's to be user the same namespace.

When using the xsd2code I get clashes telling me that the member is defined more than once. I presumed that the ExcludeIncludedTypes would stop this from happening.

 Any one got any ideas?


I also have the following xml - When xsd2Code generate the code it does not populate the type correctly


  <xsd:complexType name="IntegerList">
      <xsd:documentation>A list of integers</xsd:documentation>
      <xsd:element name="element" type="xsd:int" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>

  <xsd:element name="integerList" type="IntegerList" />

CODE Generated:

    public partial class NullableLongList {
        private List<System.Nullable<>> elementField;
        public NullableLongList() {
            this.elementField = new List<System.Nullable<>>();
        public List<System.Nullable<>> element {
            get {
                return this.elementField;
            set {
                this.elementField = value;

I can manually amened teh class, but thought you may link to know?