VB.Net problems

Jun 15, 2011 at 2:20 PM

This is a great application but I have noticed a few things using VB.Net:

When generating the code file from XSD using 'Run XSD2Code generation' the designer file generated is not dependent upon (linked to) the XSD file, however when auto-generating using the custom tool it is dependent upon the XSD. Thus you end up getting two generated files in the solution.

The custom tool is not registered for VB.Net. I had to do this manually by using RegEdit (copying settings from C# generators to VB.Net generators).

The auto generated code using the custom tool creates the header using C# style comments (i.e. with '/' rather than the apostrophee).

In order for the ExcludeIncludedTypes to work I had to remove the following two lines from the XSD:




If you could get these small few problems fixed it would be a fantastic tool for the VB.Net community.