Basic hesitation

Jan 5 at 9:13 AM
First of all, excuse my bad english, please.

I've got a problem with a electronic bills validating program, that use some special ".xsd" schema files called "FacturaE".
I receive bill xml files and I have to check them against a variable list of .xsd (three ones in most cases, including Xdaes to sign validation).

I use Microsoft .Net for it, Framework 4.0.

My application had perfomance problems. One I get a pre-compiled XmlSchemaReader object, validation process used to last about 30 seconds. From a concrete date of november, without a sharp reason, it lasts 200 seconds.

I just have found your xsd2code tool, but I don't know if it could be useful in my problem.

Before download and make use of it, ¿can you tell me if it could help me for this trouble? I don't know exactly its features, specially if it includes PERFOMANCE, efficiency improvements in xml validating process.